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Leverage the power of Blockchain technology and bring digital transformation to your business. Hire Blockchain developers from Classhose India who have delivered high-grade dApps, smart contracts, solidity, NFT marketplace, crypto wallets, and different Blockchain development solutions in the industry.

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Major Benefits of Hiring Blockchain Developers from Classhose India

Zero Infrarture & Recruitment Cost

You don't need to put your limited resources in office rent, recruiting employees or professionals, and training. Hire offshore Blockchain developers with a simple and hassle-free onboarding process and start your project right away.

Cost-Efficient Solution

We know your budget is limited. When you hire dedicated Blockchain developers you not only save the basic and additional costs associated with your blockchain project but also get high-class solution at the most affordable budget range.

Premium Tools

At Classhose India, our developers and engineers use the latest Blockchain technology and hold years of hands-on experience with all the essential and popular tools including Ethereum, Solidity to deliver you the best decentralized solution.

Dedicated Blockchain Developers/h4>

We don't hire freelancers. Classhose India has full-time Blockchain developers who constantly work with our clients and give full support. When you hire them, they dedicatedly work on your project having transparent communication with you.

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Our Full-Stack Blockchain Development Service

NFT marketplace development

Our developers are well-versed in creating a decentralized NFT marketplace to help you organize NFT trading, buying, and selling digital assets. We have top Ethereum wallet developers at the place who deliver simple solutions for your complex NFt development requirement from allocating assets to verification.

ICO development

Our Blockchain cryptocurrency developers are adept in ICO development involving token creation, website development, integration of ICO campaign analytics, etc. We provide technical assistance for your cryptocurrency and crowdfunding project while ensuring your token is compliant with network-specific technical standards and rules.

Smart Contract Development

Our blockchain smart contract developers build and deploy self-executing contracts for both private and public blockchain networks. They are well-versed in smart contract development for NFT projects, crowdfunding, blockchain supply chain, and ranging decentralized applications. Just hire them and they will deliver you the best solution you need.

dApp development

From designing to developing, our Blockchain developers have delivered enterprise-level dApps for numerous international clients and helped them achieve their business goals with flexible and effective solutions. They have deep knowledge of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solidity, and Truffle to make a fully secure and successful decentralized application.

Tokenization Assistance

Hire Blockchain consultants from us who can assist you tokenize any digital or physical asset you want. We have professional Ethererum Wallet Developers who have a wide knowledge and real-life experience of tokenization of assets using blockchain technology. They ensure efficiency, transparency, trust, and bring more liquidity to a variety of assets.

Blockchain Wallet Development

Our Blockchain wallet developers create secure cryptocurrency wallet, Bitcoin wallet, eWallet that allow you to make easy and safe cryptocurrency transactions. We make the best use of Ethereum platform to give you a robust blockchain wallet that has great features to send and receive value globally with a high level of security.

Tools and technologies

That we are adept in

Not sure if blockchain can solve your business requirement? Here is the assurance

Classhose India is a leading Blockchain development company. Our Blockchain developers work with global startups, entrepreneurs, mid-scale enterprises, and business organizations to help them with industry-specific blockchain solutions that boost their revenue growth and streamline daily operations. And this is because of the intelligent usage of blockchain tools and innovative conceptualization that make every solution successful in the industry.

Our Blockchain developers have delivered over 50 projects related to dApp development, crypto wallet development, blockchain mobile application, (ETH) Ethereum development, and more. We have made our clients successful because we ensure every solution meets all industry standards making the best use of blockchain technology.

End-to-end encryption for enhanced security
High Efficiency
Provide better traceability
Testing QA with MVP
Complete transparency
Solid immutability
Code audit

We have a big team of Android app developers who build apps for ranging industries.

Classhose India has conquered the digital space because of our large team of brilliant Android-App developers. They develop top-performing android apps for all Apple devices. If you want to drive good business value, then hire our professional iPhone app developers and witness your success.


People have totally revolutionized the way to diagnose patients, maintain hospitals, fitness, and health. Classhose India Technologies have helped numerous medical and healthcare industries to improvise the patients via efficient Android apps.

Travel and Tourism

Hire our Android travel app developers and unlock the best ERP solution. We have a detailed understanding of how this industry works. Our tech-nerds are proficient in building user-friendly features and interfaces.

eCommerce And Retail

Want to develop a feature-rich, next-gen retail and eCommerce and retail business? We can help you to improvise your sale values and reach maximum users. Our team can help you to develop a competitive landscape. Give it a try today!!

Entertainment and media

Have plans to hire an Android entertainment app developer? Want a dedicated team to support your project. Our team is capable of building software solutions such as OTT apps, media apps, CRM/ERP, etc.

E-learning and education

At Classhose India, we offer e-learning and education app development services all across the globe. Our offshore Android app developers have immense years of experience in building apps for start-ups, SMEs, and A-lister brands.

Real estate

Our real estate Android app developers are highly proficient in developing portals and ERP/ CRM solutions for our clients. Classhose India Technologies ensures regular training to its programmers to develop creative, progressive, and innovative solutions.


Reduce your operational cost and enhance the performance with Classhose India Technologies. Hire Android developers and explore innovative strategies to streamline the mobile banking, and process of transaction to improvise the workflow.


Our innovative solutions have helped many businesses to transform their business in this niche. Our offshore Android app developers are adept in developing solutions for inventory management and order management, search portals of restaurants, etc.

Why Should You Hire Blockchain Developers from Classhose India?

Blockchain is an advanced technology that requires a deeper understanding of cryptography, NFT, AI, data structuring, programming, and intelligent use of Ethereum and other blockchain development platforms to make you fully succeesful. And our blockchain experts have years of hands-on experience with popular frameworks and tools especially in Ethereum, Solidity, Hyperledger, Stellar, EOS, and Tezos to give you a really effective solution. When you ask why you should hire on-demand Blockchain developers from Classhose India, we give the below reasons

Great Expertise in Blockchain Tools

We have top Blockchain developers from the industry who have strong expertise in popular tools & technologies-Ethereum, Parity, Stellar, Hyperledger, Corda, EOS, Tron, Tezos, and many more. They know how to best use each framework to give you the top result.

Knowledge of all Programming Languages

Our Blockchain programmers have deep knowledge of all programming languages: Solidity, JavaScript, Rust, C++, Python, Simplicity, Go. Hire Solidity Developers who specialize in using Ethereum for developing a variety of Blockchain-based industry solutions.

Smooth Onboarding

It is very easy to hire Blockchain developers. You can smoothly get them on board and start your project instantly without wasting your valuable time and resources. You get direct access to communicate with them and get constant support round the clock.

6+ Years of Experience

Our blockchain developers have been working with blockchain technology for more than 6 years since our journey started in 2015. And as of now, we have worked with over 102 and provided them with effective blockchain solutions and made them successful in the market.

Diverse Expertise

No matter what your industry or niche is, our Blockchain engineers can solve any business requirement with a mix of different technologies like AI, IoT, mobile app development, etc. Just share your project details and they will devise an effective and innovative result.

Full Transparency

We give you full control over our developers with 24x7 communication and support. Trust and reliability are the two core values of our business principles that define why businesses prefer hiring our blockchain experts from Classhose India. We ensure full transparency in every step.

Hire Dedicated Blockchain Developers From Classhose India = High ROI + Flexible Hiring Model

Classhose India is a top-notch digital product company that keeps in-house Blockchain developers who are highly skilled in utilizing the latest technology for your particular business need. Here, we not only ensure you get high ROI but also give you 24x7 support with a flexible hiring model.

Fixed Price Model

Classhose India’s fixed price model is best for small and recurring projects. Hence, a phoenix opportunity for start-ups and enterprises. You must have a clear and well-defined vision. In this model, you just have to invest in the time taken by our top android app developers to complete the task.

High flexibility

Low risk

Easy setup

Hourly Price Model

You can opt for this for a stipulated time. This model is best for complicated projects. The process of Android app development is quick and economical. As a controller, you can alter all the parameters in the ongoing proposal. You can trust our top android app developers to drive speed and productivity

Fixed project

Fixed deadline

Small projects

Dedicated price model

This model is best for businesses that want to expand their team size. It is best for enterprises that have long and complicated projects. Thus you can be relieved about the complex issues of project management. We promise that you will reach your finish line with utmost proficiency.

Affordable pricing

Long projects

Easy onboarding