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Develop custom Android apps with the award-winning android app development company and skilled Android app developers. Build your Android app today!

How We Provide The Best Android App Development Services?

  • Our best Android app development services focus on multiple Android devices such as smartphones, wearable devices, tablets, AndroidTV, and Android Auto.
  • Our Android app development company only use the most robust code, intuitive and responsive designs, and rigorous testing protocols.
  • Our Android app solutions emphasize better memory management and user experience.
  • Our best Android application development company has years of experience with SDKs, APIs, Android Native app development, debugging resources, etc.
  • Our Android app development process includes working on analytical practices to take advantage of the best development approaches to create next-generation Android apps.
  • We heavily focus on the usability of the apps to ensure maximum user retention and engagement.
  • With a deep understanding of the latest Google updates for API integration, our top Android app developers set new boundaries to build apps.

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Benefits Of Classhoserz Android App Development Services

Minimal Investment

Our team of developers always make sure that we take the best possible measures to keep the development cost down and provide the highest value for your investment. The entire processes of designing, development, testing and deployment are executed with cost-effective measures and the best Android app development services.

User-Centric Design

Our top Android app development company deeply focus on creating the most interactive and fulfilling user experience, and user interfaces. We work on simplifying the UI elements, expanding the user flow, and providing the best value to the end-users. This creates more engaging applications with lower loading times and battery consumption.

Improved Branding

Developing custom android apps from Classhoserz help businesses strengthen their branding and build a better market presence to stay ahead of the competition. Being the best Android mobile app development company, we ensure this by designing fully customized and impactful UI/UX that encourages user satisfaction and brand recognition.

Fully Customized

Every aspect of your android app can be customized when you have our fully tailored mobile app development services. Classhoserz app developers are ready to deliver custom Android apps with versatile integration of design and functions according to your business domain. This gives your users a truly unique experience!

BYOD Approach

Classhoserz follows the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to ensure that your application is available to every user with different devices powered by Android OS. With our Android app development services, we always focus on maximum device compatibility and high performance. Hire the best android application development company today and build your app.

Improve Digital Presence

Our Android app development company ensures complete digital transformation by ensuring better visibility on the Google Play Store and improving the number of app downloads. We also have a team of digital marketing experts who could analyze the best scope of the digital presence of your business. Reach the target audience better!

Secure & Reliable

Hire the best android app development company to ensure that your android app is developed with the best security tools and protocols. Our android app development process shields the app architecture from malware or data leaks. We only work with the latest OS updates to make sure that you are completely free from potential security threats.

Guaranteed Deployment

Our skilled app developers always prepare a strict checklist to ensure the successful deployment of your android apps. We ensure smooth deployment with conceptualization, agile methodology, strategic planning, out-of-the-box ideas, and innovation. By getting quicker clearance on the Play Store you can quickly capture the market.

Minimalistic Approach

Our app development company follow a minimalist approach to simplify the designing and development process. This makes it a lot easier to further tweak the android app in the future. We use minimal coding and compressed graphics to provide high-performance android applications for every Android-powered device. Lightning speed guaranteed!

Our Seamless Workflow

We follow agile methodology to deliver flexible and complex projects on time.

The Best Android App Development Tools We Use

Our team of app developers work with various Android app development software, tools, and frameworks. We have been using Native Script, Corona SDK, Xamarin, PhoneGap, Ionic, React Native, Appcelerator Titanium, and other tools. Our android application development company’s team consists of experts in Java, C/C++, Kotlin, and Corona. Everything including Android UI/UX design, development, testing, and maintenance is executed perfectly, which makes us known as the top Android app development company. The years of experience in developing custom Android apps and providing Android app development services have made us a leading player in the mobile app development industry. We have also delivered dozens of highly downloaded and top-ranking Android apps to the Google Play Store.

Android Studio

Our Android application development company heavily use the Android Studio IDE to build highly-scalable Android apps. This powerful editor tool has helped our developers to create some of the most amazing and intuitive User Interfaces for Android apps. It could be the perfect tool if you want to develop a native android application.


Our skilled app developers rely on this open-source database management system to ensure faster android app development. Thankfully, it is also compatible with React Native, Xamarin, and Apache License.

Android SDK

We often use the tools from the Android SDK for effective app development. We try to take the best advantage of the libraries, debugger, sample source code, emulator, and more. This ensures the development of high-performance apps for Android-powered devices.


Android app developers from our company often work with Dagger 2 to fully utilize it as a static DI framework for Java and Android. By using this tool, we are able to easily customize applications with minimal effort. It is also used for managing the dependencies while building android apps.

Android Auto

We use this library to enable quicker and effortless navigation on applications. This is a very important library to ensure the proper functioning of the application in Android Auto mode.


We often use Firebase for its real-time availability as a database with a backend as a service. It becomes a lot easier for our developers to synchronize data around client and cloud storage with Firebase.

Why ChooseClasshose As Your Android App Development Company?

Our years of experience in providing Android app development services have enabled us to deliver top-ranking and highly downloaded Android apps on the Google Play Store. The collaborative approach of our Android app development company has made us achieve over a 90% client retention rate. These are some more reasons to consider our Android app development company;

Inimitable IPad Portfolio

A portfolio highlights the supremacy of every iPad app development company. Our team atClasshose India is obsessed to stay committed to the clients and create extraordinary app solutions for varied platforms involving Corona SDK, Adobe Air, & more. Let our work speak for our prowess.

Quality Strength

Our Android app development company gives huge importance to the quality-strength Android app development process. This helps us create the best credibility in the market and help our clients to win more users with a world-class in-app experience.

Non-Disclosure Protected

When you choose us, we sign a Non-Disclosure agreement to ensure the confidentiality of your data, data idea, or other details. Privacy and confidentiality are given the highest priority in the Android App development process at Classhose.

Innovative Ideas

Our Android app developers brainstorm the most innovative ideas to bring future-proof concepts into your application. This results-driven approach helps us to meet the exact requirements of our clients and make them achieve maximum profits from an app.

Flexible Pricing Options

When you hire the best Android app developers from Classhose, you get completely flexible pricing options to suit your app development budget. We have different pricing packages depending on various business scales and development approaches.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our end-to-end customer support team will provide you with complete assistance throughout the Android app development process. The 24x7 support can be accessed through Skype, phone calls, email, or chats. A client-centric approach is always the top priority of our team.

Transparent Approach

Our Android app development company follows a completely transparent approach to linking the development team with our clients. This ensures the highest trust between our clients and our company. We help SMEs and enterprises to move to the next level.

99% Crash Free

Our developed Android apps are well-designed to provide a very smooth and reliable user experience with tons of features. We also perform rigorous testing on the applications to ensure a bug-free experience, without lags, bugs, and crashes.

Free Consultations

You can also get free app consultations to enrich your Android app idea during the initial phase of development. The Android app developers and consultants have years of experience in successful Android app development.

Industries we’re catering to

Our specialization is a building block of many emerging startups, SMEs, & leading agencies who count on us. Being a renowned mobile app development company in India, USA, & UAE, we intend to reshape diversified industries by introducing innovative mobile & web solutions, which areas centuated by a pinch of technology &unbound creativity.